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    • Zion National Park

    • Mountains in art; Rivers in art
    • This painting depicts a lazy river that snakes below steep monolithic rock mountains and fills the foreground of the composition. The river is aqua and pink, reflecting the background rock and nearby verdant foliage. The vertical pink and beige...
    • Yellowstone Falls (from below)

    • Waterfalls; Canyons; Rivers in art
    • Waterfall landscape looking up from the river at the base of the canyon, rocky shoreline on lower left with river running to the right front of image, yellow, orange-brown canyon walls rise to either side with tree lined peaks forming a V, light...
    • Yellowstone Falls (distant view)

    • Waterfalls; Canyons; Rivers in art
    • Landscape of waterfall flowing into a river at the base of yellow and orange-brown canyon walls, sunlight highlights right side of canyon wall, fir trees in lower left, dark blue mountains in the far distance, gray sky with clouds.
    • Yellowstone Canyon

    • Canyons in art; National Parks
    • This painting depicts an aerial view of a zigzagging canyon of treeless, orange brown rock. A narrow whitewater river is visible at the bottom. Green trees grow along the rims of the gorge and cover the adjacent rugged hills. Only a narrow band of...
    • Yellow Pines

    • Trees in art
    • This painting depicts a thicket of three trunks on a steep slope. The trees grow from brownish red soil which has a few boulders and green underbrush. The vertical trunks rise to the top edge of the composition where a sliver of grey sky shows...
    • White Rose

    • Flowers in art; Roses in art; Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858 - 1919
    • Floral painting of white rose against a dark background. Flower is leaning to right of center with light shining off its petals, stem with buds pointing to left of image. Inscribed on the bottom left: Presented to Ina Hill by Pres. Theo Roosevelt...
    • Vermillion Cliffs, Hell Gate Canyon

    • Canyons; Rivers in art
    • Landscape of rocky cliffs rising to a blue sky with gray and white clouds. Cliffs are made of pink and white stone, trees climb the slopes. A stream runs at the base in the foreground and light reflects off plant material in the water.
    • Vashon Island, Puget Sound

    • Islands in art
    • Landscape shows inlet with debris or plants in water. Right foreground is the steep shore where the viewer stands, left background the other side of the inlet, with more land on the horizon.
    • Untitled, Yosemite

    • Mountains in art
    • This loosely painted oil on canvas sketch is mounted on a wood board. It depicts foreground trees with vertical cliffs in the background.
    • Untitled, landscape with tree and cliff

    • Mountains in art
    • This sketch depicts a steep hillside with a gnarled tree and assorted brushes with a diffusely rendered mountain ridge in the background. Although this work appears to be unfinished, it is signed.
    • Untitled, landscape study

    • This landscape sketch depicts foreground trees against a background hill of variegated colors. It appears to be a sketch related to a completed painting, Niquel Canyon: Wild Mustard. The sketch is painted over another image that appears to be a...
    • Untitled landscape sketch

    • This landscape depicts a curving dirt road flanked by large deciduous trees and vigorous vegetation. Beyond is a gentle hillside and above is blue sky and clouds.
    • Untitled (Tree Trunks)

    • Trees in art
    • This painting depicts a corner of the forest. The foreground of this scene has three large boulders sunk into pale orange earth. Immediately behind are four tree trunks of various sizes that grow straight up. The biggest tree on the right has lower...
    • Untitled (Puget Sound Beach Scene)

    • Beaches in art; Trees in Art
    • This landscape painting depicts a deserted beach and vertical bluffs which is crowned by gnarly trees. The beach is strewn with boulders. A sliver of water appears in the middle ground with a bank of evergreen trees in the background. The sky is...
    • Untitled (Puget Sound Beach Scene)

    • Beaches in art
    • A misty beach scene. The foreground is a broad swath of sand that is strewn with boulders with lapping waves behind. The background landscape is obscured in fog and tends to blend with the overcast sky.


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