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    • Yellowstone Canyon

    • Canyons in art; National Parks
    • This painting depicts an aerial view of a zigzagging canyon of treeless, orange brown rock. A narrow whitewater river is visible at the bottom. Green trees grow along the rims of the gorge and cover the adjacent rugged hills. Only a narrow band of...
    • Zion National Park

    • Mountains in art; Rivers in art
    • This painting depicts a lazy river that snakes below steep monolithic rock mountains and fills the foreground of the composition. The river is aqua and pink, reflecting the background rock and nearby verdant foliage. The vertical pink and beige...
    • Lady Mountain, Zion National Park

    • Mountains in art; Rivers in art
    • This painting depicts monolithic rock cliffs that rise steeply from a valley floor. The foreground has a lazy river with one flat bank with verdant growth of reeds, grasses and a cluster of green trees. The other bank rises to the cliffs beyond....
    • Mesa Verde National Park

    • Canyons
    • Landscape of Mesa Verde with the canyon central to the image. Canyon walls rise on either side to flat mesas. Trees top the right mesa and the sun shines on the left, hills in the far distance under blue/gray sky with clouds overhead. Rock...
    • Artemisia Pool

    • Geysers
    • Dark gray sky above tree covered Hill, evergreen trees stand near an almost black pool of steaming water. Foam and rocks rim the pool.
    • Firehole Pool

    • Geysers
    • Landscape of a small steaming geyser pool surrounded by rocks. The pool is elevated above dark gray water that runs from the front of it and circles round to the right. Reddish ground is the left and runs into tree covered hills. Blue gray sky...
    • Geyser

    • Geysers
    • The foreground of this painting depicts meadow covered with dry grasses and dirt that features a small mound. Steam emerges from its top which is crowned by several bare boulders. Behind is a row of evergreen trees with tree-covered hills behind....
    • Grotto Geyser #2

    • Geysers
    • This landscape composition depicts a steaming vent in the middle of a rocky mound which rises up from a brown and green grass meadow. The steam is drifting to left as it dissipates into the atmosphere and mixes with the overhead storm clouds....
    • Sunset on Half-Dome, Yosemite

    • Mountains in art
    • This painting depicts a centrally-placed sunlight-drenched rocky mountain peak and its reflection in the lake of a foreground lake. A row of evergreen trees and lower brush separates the pond from the background mountains. A flanking purple-grey...
    • Cathedral Rocks, Merced River, Yosemite

    • Rivers in art
    • This painting depicts a mountain landscape with a foreground of placid water that reflects the evergreen and deciduous autumn trees on its shore. Behind the water and trees are extremely steep rocky mountains that are rendered in blues and grays.
    • Rising Wolf Mountain from Two Medicine Lake

    • Mountains in art; Lakes in art
    • This painting depicts a placid body of water in the foreground with a very high, sharply rising peak in the background. In the middle ground there are evergreen trees and green brush on the shore. The mountain and blue sky with clouds are reflected...
    • Crater Lake

    • Lakes in art
    • This painting depicts a sapphire body of water banked by steeply sloped mountains which are nearly bare except skiffs of snow and a few evergreens. In the left foreground of the composition is a triangular rocky cliff. A few evergreens and other...
    • Untitled, Yosemite

    • Mountains in art
    • This loosely painted oil on canvas sketch is mounted on a wood board. It depicts foreground trees with vertical cliffs in the background.
    • Yellowstone Falls (distant view)

    • Waterfalls; Canyons; Rivers in art
    • Landscape of waterfall flowing into a river at the base of yellow and orange-brown canyon walls, sunlight highlights right side of canyon wall, fir trees in lower left, dark blue mountains in the far distance, gray sky with clouds.
    • Yellowstone Falls (from below)

    • Waterfalls; Canyons; Rivers in art
    • Waterfall landscape looking up from the river at the base of the canyon, rocky shoreline on lower left with river running to the right front of image, yellow, orange-brown canyon walls rise to either side with tree lined peaks forming a V, light...
    • Bryce Canyon

    • Canyons
    • Arial view landscape of canyon, ragged red mountains in foreground with river running down through center, golden cliffs to right, distant mountains in blue, blue sky with clouds.
    • Black Pearl

    • Geysers
    • Blue-gray clouded sky above forested hills, evergreens stand in the middle ground behind a steaming geyser bubbling out of a dark grey pool of water.
    • Black Sand Basin

    • Geysers; Hot springs
    • Dark image of forested hills dusted with snow with evergreen trees leading to a pool in the foreground, water is steaming and has a dark center.
    • Morning Glory Pool

    • Hot springs
    • Steaming pool of almost black water with evergreen trees behind and covering the distant Hill side. Blue gray sky with gray and white clouds above.


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